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Punjabi universe clash

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worlds collapsing

You told me you're a Kshatriya - the warrior caste of India - and how you can't stand the brahmin caste. How this whole caste system shit infuriates you, and growing up you had to sneak out to play with your friends from "lower" castes. How sometimes it made you loose faith in God even though your house was adorned with deities from wall to wall.

You told me your parents want you to marry a girl that knows how to cook, and you just want to make music and ride your bike. How they pressure you every day because you're thirty something and not interested in marriage, or date girls from other castes and countries. And that you do give a fuck, unfortunately, and you said "it's not magical India for Indians you know"

You said your mom would give you shit if you brought me home with you. I felt sorry for her in my head. I think you could read my face, or maybe you thought I was sorry for you.

You told me some stories you grew up reading from the Ramayana. That lord Rama was your childhood hero, as I stared at you and thought of peter pan and my childhood heroes, how diluted they look next to yours. How you had human looking Shiva posters in your teenage room, while I had Kurt Cobain ones on mine. You laughed and said you never liked Nirvana, and that Cobain marked a "damaged musician" trend that you loathe.

You told me you cried when you met your sister's arranged husband, because you saw how unhappy he was going to make her the second you saw his eyes. That you broke up with your fiancé 15 days before the wedding, and she ended up marrying a friend of hers on the same day out of desperation and embarrassment.

You told me how you could feel your dad's spirit around the house when he passed, that in India you believe the soul travels to all the places it has gone to during 14 days after it leaves the body.

One night you grabbed my face and turned it around against the mirror, your cinnamon skin against mine. Your piercing dark black eyes staring at my reflection, and I felt like you telepathically asked me "what do you see"? traveling so deeply into my eyes.

I saw two completely different universes.

The most fascinating phenomenon in life is when universes collapse.


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