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Welcome to this Playground!

A space focused on cultivating a life in the pursuit of freedom, plus the tools and practices to re-alight with that vision.

Everything you'll find in this platform is geared towards cultivating a life that feels like play.

Hi! I'm Maia – founder of Blank Page Lab, writer or Colectiva Magazine, designer, shapeshifter, and writer fascinated by the concept of "possibility".

I've learned so much on this journey and my intention with this blog is to share my ongoing experiments to create healthy systems that allow me to live a fun life while I grow my online business.

Because life was made to make a playground out of it.

The Tactical &
The Energetical

I believe in a life that pairs vision & inner work with tangible tools and business practices, always balancing intentions with actions. In this space, you'll find a lot of actionable konwledge, but always sprinkled with a bit of manifestation and visioning.

I'm feeling bullets on this bio:

this is me! luckily or unfortunately I'm not into acrylic nails anymore

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