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Everything you desire is at the other side of fear.

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Woah, good morning 😅

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Continuing last weeks “conversation” – I shared the prompt that you read repetitively in this newsletter, like a mantra that may work subconsciously.

“What is standing between your current life, and the life you want to be living?”

I got over 80 responses, and the most common one was: “fear”.

Fear of what?

It seems like fear is self-sabotage masked as self-protection.

If your answer is fear as well, I invite you to explore that question on a deeper level.

Fear of not being enough? Fear of death? Fear of the unknown?

Maybe, just maybe, the fear you feel is of your own potential.

Of your own capacity to live that life you want to be living.

Perhaps when you stay away from a desire due to fear, that fear comes from knowing that you could be entering the realm of infinite possibilities.

And it’s a fucking scary place, but life IS meant to be scary at times. Life is full of emotions, and by avoiding fear you are avoiding one of the most beautiful phenomenons that is at the other side of that: courage.

Courage is like a muscle: the more you practice developing it, the more you'll find that fear becomes your biggest motivator.

You’ll see how your internal script goes from: I’m afraid to fail, to → I’m motivated to try.

Courage is an acquired taste 👅 the emotional wasabi.

This week’s centering thought:

Every single thing you desire is at the other side of fear.

experimenting <3

Thank you for reading About Blank – See you next week(ish)!

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