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Intro: mindful productivity, powered by self-reflection.

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On this post I cover what this blog is about, my intention, core values and a bit about me.

Finding clarity in a world of noise.

Hola! I’m Maia, graphic designer, kitesurfer and nomad.

Welcome to about:/blank, a publication about mindful productivity, nomad living, and self-knowledge.

My goal is to help visionaries find new tools and resources to boost their productivity, explore their creativity and most important; get clarity on their vision of freedom.

I believe that when vision is crystal clear, the how will find it's way to you.

Work faster, but calmer: mindful and conscious productivity tools so you can spend more time offline.

I will be covering personal growth, useful digital tools, mindful productivity and of course random, rabbit hole interesting internet finds. Because we love them.

I'll also dump personal stories and chronicles from my travels from time to time.

All the content I am sharing was/is used/tested/tried out by myself. I believe in learning mechanism before tools, so expect some psychology and neuroscience.

All this goes hand in hand with practices to remain calm and collected while building your online business.

About me

This year I transitioned from freelance designer, to launching my design studio Blank Page Lab. During the years establishing myself as a full-time freelancer I’ve learned a lot on productivity tools. I've also felt the burnout from our hustle culture society.

Now that I’m growing my studio design studio, my perspective is shifting and my main focus is to find efficiency so I can spend more time off-grid. I'd love to share the things I've learned along this journey here.

The biggest shift was my mindset: here's an article about my biggest shifts from full-time freelancer to studio owner.


I want this journal to be relatable. There’s so much bullshit on the internet and most of us are not gonna wake up at 6 am and have cold showers and play binaural beats every day. This is not an aspirational blog. This is my real experience: I will be sharing my raw and uncut take. Fuck ups and wins.

This is my personal, realistic take. Landed and down to earth, based in real experiences.

Another (personal) goal is to write smaller sentences.

Core values of a mindful + productive life

This are some values I've developed over the years:

Final thoughts

These space and tools are for you to unfold your own expression of a productive life. Trial and error was what got me to my system nowadays. Curiosity is incredibly powerful and as adults, we tend to follow rules and stick to generic productivity systems built by someone else.

The invitation here is to create your own toolbox, keep a curious mind, and get to the place where productivity meets self-knowledge.

Stay curious!



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