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Colectiva was born under the following belief:

If all humans begin to root deeply into themselves, discover what’s inside and devote to their true Self, this world would be an utterly different place. Compassion, kindness and and a sense of curiosity would rise from within and expand into our surroundings. The world would be filled with love.

I believe we all have the capacity to do so by coming in union with what we are here to be.

This is what the world needs now: Self-sourced beings that can traverse the world with a profound and authentic sense of purpose because they’ve created a deeper relationship with life itself.

This is the seed I am planting with this publication: a space to cultivate deeper connections with oneself.

Let’s co-inspire one another by searching within.

About Colectiva

Colectiva is a monthly newsletter dedicated to themes and practices to cultivate self-knowledge.

I find and digest interesting themes around self-knowledge & turn them into snackable yet deep reads for this publication, with the hopes of sparking your inner dialogue. Every month you’ll get an issue exploring the following themes:

The collective unconscious

Colectiva is named after the concept of Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious; he believed that there's a shared collective source of knowledge in our psyche passed down from our ancestors and available to all humans.

Trust me when I say the issues write themselves thanks to its readers.

Is there a topic that you want to see here? What are you most curious about? Just send me an email, I'm listening.

P.s: I always reply.

Who am I?

I’m Maia, born and raised in Venezuela - currently living absolutely nowhere and everywhere, doing my graphic design work and writing from my laptop since ‘18.  (This is me avoiding the cringy DiGiTal NoMaD title).

I am inspired and intrigued by countless things; lately I’ve been fascinated by surrealist portals. I ask myself repeatedly, what does it mean to meander through the human experience as a visionary? In a world where the collective unconscious and the www are inevitably (and beautifully) intertwined, it is my desire to keep getting swallowed by wormholes that take me deep into myself and spit me out into the endless void of collective shared knowledge. Hopefully with every trip, I return with something new to share here.

Outside of this Playground realm, I am the founder of Blank Page Lab, a design studio where we help visionaries become limitless.

I am the writer of About Blank, a blog and newsletter for creatives that want to build a life where work IS play.

And of course, I am the writer of Colectiva Magazine.

Colectiva Magazine Manifesto


It is my mission to keep Colectiva Magazine for everyone, and to keep these resources and tools accesible to everyone.

If you believe in this work or find any value in the content I write and design, please consider buying me a coffee - think of it as us meeting in a café and having a beautiful chat about the nature of the psyche (let's be honest, every deep conversation always ends up there).

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