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🛝Your personal symbols: how to explore your own mythology

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Have you ever thought as life as a constant quest to create your own carrousel of personal symbols?

Today we're diving into personal symbolism. I'm Maia, and you're reading About Blank – a publication for those creating a freedom-based life.

Hi! long time – I’ve been traveling through Egypt and it’s been a real time-traveling vortex.

I've reached the other side of the portal and I can say this trip has completely transcended the boundaries of time and space 🛝 It has fried my brain //in the best way possible\\ and opened so many realms of new thought.

One to dig on: personal symbols. You guessed it, today's theme 🧵🪡

Myth as a medium to understand ourselves

After spending three weeks in Ancient Egypt and exploring one of the most mysterious chapters of human history, I've been reflecting on the very human urge to immortalize symbols and stories.

Why do we constantly document? And why do we follow those symbols?

From megaliths to the metaverse, from the hieroglyphs in the Valley of the Kings to this very cyber letter you're reading right now: what is it that makes us want to create mythologies?

It seems that we as humans have created myth and storytelling as a narrative medium to understand ourselves in relation to the outside world.

(The cosmos, the planet, our cultures, zooming out)

(Our very own selves, zooming in)

This trip to Egypt has unlocked something for me: myth as our collective self-exploration through the use of metaphors and symbols.

I mean, ancient Egypt – that's a pretty macro exploration.

But what about the micro daily mythologies in your life?

Personal symbols

Have you ever thought as life as a constant quest to create your own carrousel of personal symbols?

Why do some symbols appear in your life over and over, like breadcrumbs left for you to follow?

So many mysteries, but here are some notes on discovering and following personal symbols:

☁︎ Pay attention to repetitive motifs and metaphors that appear throughout your life.

☁︎ Destroy the idea of coincidences and give more importance to synchronicities; they repeat for a reason.

☁︎ Collect these personal symbols as each chapter of your life unfolds, one symbol leading to the other.

☁︎ Follow your own signs in your own treasure map.

☁︎ BUT: you must make peace with the mystery of what lies under that “x”.

☁︎ Internalize that your curiosity to know what’s inside will fuel you further than its contents.

This is your sign to expand on your personal mythology, and open that door to your personal symbols.

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