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Back in India! Notes on creating your own life.

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Art by talented Brittany Ronzio

Either you're creating your life, or you're letting life create you. Which one are you?

Hola amigos 🪷 I'm back in India after spending almost three months in Australia. Incredible country, lots of beautiful days surfing and writing but oh my god how I CRAVED the chaos.

For some reason, I feel more at home in India than anywhere else in the world. Back to time-travel mode: colorful, whimsical, and difficult India that connects me back with the mystery of life like nothing else. Kaleidoscopic days, powered by always almost stepping on cow shit and non-stop full volume bollywood music.

Okay but more on India soon (if I don't disappear into the ether like the last time I was here). This issue is about the most surreal surf break I’ve surfed in and an unsolicited encounter with the greatest teacher of the most arduous task: patience.

You're reading About Blank, I'm Maia and this issue is about creating your own life. 

Last stop: Noosa Heads, Australia.

Lately most of my days have been spent in the water. Hours go by and I’m sitting on my board trying to read the ocean. Eternities. Some days I stay long enough that I start wondering if he’s the one trying to read me.


I am a drop in the ocean / I am the whole ocean in a drop. Who knows. Certainly not me: so it seems that too much salt water slowly dilutes the Self.

Could vastness possibly alter the human psyche? Feeling less human, more being: soaked in what I came here to be. A good sign? At least some signal. Right now the ocean feels like the only true mirror out there. The single form of self-reflection I trust.

Below, some Notes to myself these past months while sitting on my board, exercising my non-existent patience muscle while I think “kitesurfing is way more fun”.

***Edit after a few months surfing: It still is ¯\(ツ)SUE ME.

Notes to Self:

  1. Timing is not everything: Whoever came up with that just needed a generic lazy phrase to justify waiting around. The “perfect timing” doesn’t exist: you make it happen. You can sit and wait all your life for the things you desire, or you can decide “the time is now, I’m creating them”.
    Choice: it’s yours and you can use it every second of your life.
  2. You’re either creating your own life, or letting life create you: It’s either one or the other – which one are you? P.s, a good meassurement is how much this feels like “new information”. P.s.s: this one is also your own decision.
  3. Synchronicities are a good sign that you’re walking your own path: People call them coincidences. Ha. That book you casually found, that conversation you had with that strager that made you think differently. Calling them coincidences waters down the synchronistic moments of your life, it dilutes the signage. Life has it’s own ways to wink at you if you pay attention.
  4. But also: stop looking for signs, create your whole map: Define the “x” on that map and the path to it will become unmissable.
  5. You have the choice to re-align with your Self when you’re feeling off centered: We all have an internal compass inside and it’s called Intuition – it is available to you but you must introspect. Constantly, regularly. The deeper you dive, the more you get to use your (GENIOUS) intuition until it becomes your nature, your normal state where all decisions are aligned with your bigger vision. sOuNdS GoOoD? probably, it's all yours: all you need to do is dive inward.
  6. Live your life as if it were important: As if it were the only chance you have to create a connection with life itself. As if, just hypothetically speaking lol.
  7. Every day is an opportunity to emulate your life vision: Not tomorrow, not in a year, not “when I get there”. And surprise: it’s also your choice! You don’t arrive at your final destination, you create it every day.
  8. Create a connection with life itself and you will feel the pieces of your puzzle coming together: this one is yours to expand on ☺︎

And! don’t you fucking dare go for a wave without looking to your right first.

Get in loser:

Yep, I can feel my writing bending back to surrealism and portal-opening mode as I soak in the South Indian sun. If you’re subscribed to Colectiva Magazine (my other publication), a very psychedelic issue is coming your way.

If you’re not, get in loser where going deeper.

I'm back!

Re-activating my IG after 9 months of not using it. Nope! There’s no baby, only lots of free time that I used to explore and experience the offline world. Watch a lil clip on Noosa Heads here.


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