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Observe > React: a small question to step out of your own head.

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Slowing down is an act of resistance.

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Hola amigos ☺︎ I'm traveling through Sicily, land of the stoics and great thinkers - funny enough I feel like this past week I've been more stuck inside my own head than any other time this whole year.

It's been particularly hard to see beyond my own mind, mentally jumping from place to place - everywhere but the here&now.

All thoughts no presence, a recipe for reactivity.

Transcending the mind

If you believe you are your thoughts, then you will react to your thoughts.

That reactivity is the leverage point.

If you become aware of your reactivity, then you can respond to your thoughts with ease.

You don't need to react, you can witness; observing the thought and letting it pass through you like a stream.

That's when the power of the mind is in your hands.

That's the transformative moment.

Beyond thought

Ask yourself this question,

"Aside from my thoughts, am I okay?"

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