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🪐 Visualization > Logic: Welcome to the realm of unlimited possibilities.

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A dive on how to enter the realm of all possibilities, and the two creative principles that allow you to do so.

You're reading About Blank, a publication about building (and living!) a freedom-based vision. I'm Maia, thank you for being here.

This fast-paced world is so disconnected from the true nature of reality: we have forgotten the unlimited power of the universe that is always at our disposal.

If you landed here, you too believe that we can re-align with that nature, harness that creative power, and use it to shape our reality.

Hola amigos 🐇

This short essay is a BTS of the Year of the Visionary challenge coming up this Friday, a free challenge by Colectiva Magazine, my publication about self-knowledge.

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The science of visualization

Just kidding.

Of course there’s no science on how to create the life we desire, and I can understand why many roll their eyes at all this “woo science” of visualization and manifestation, but I want you to reflect on your past and think about the times you've felt like you've manifested something. Think about how pure and honest your intentions were, and how much of your focus was poured onto that desire. You can recall you've naturally done this before.


"Coincidences." Ha. People keep talking about them without considering that it's the path revealing itself to them. Their path. Synchronicities seem to happen when you live intentionally.

That book that “magically” landed in your hands, that stranger that changed your day, that piece of paper you found, the book that somehow arrived in your hands with the message you needed-to-hear-at-that-very-moment. Perhaps even this newsletter sneaking into your inbox, these are all signs that the universe knows you’re aware of its creative power – you are finally speaking the same language.

You’ll notice the universe always seems to cheekily wink at you if you pay attention.

And you're going to call it a coincidence?!

It's all focus, and intention:

Focus deep enough on something, and it will follow you around. Infuse enough intention onto a desire, and the universe will leave breadcrumbs for you to find it.

The two principles of creation

Becoming aware of the unlimited power of the universe starts with learning about those two creating principles: focus and intention.

Attention (or focus) on what we want to create, and intention on a clear vision of a desired outcome. Focus energizes, magnifies, amplifies. Intention transforms.

What we place our attention on will naturally expand in our lives. And an honest intention will orchestrate the creative forces of the universe to connect the dots and bring you closer to it.

(When I mean the universe, I mean the universe experiencing itself through you – we'll come back to this)

Harnessing the power of these two is the key to bring visions to reality.

We become aware of the nature of reality: possibility. We pierce into the realm of all possibilities. We begin to understand that we are the co-creators of that realm, and we can use any element from it to paint the life we want to live, being as specific as we want to be to actualize that vision.

The entire ocean in a drop

You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop – Rumi

How does this thought change our mindsets regarding visualization? This beautiful analogy is a way to illustrate our place in the cosmos: our home in the universe. If we truly are made out of the same substance, the same mysterious elements that the universe is made of, doesn’t it make sense that we also have its creating properties?

We are not the drop, we are the ocean: the entire universe (or awareness itself), having the experience of being human, rather than a human who is part of the entire universe.

When it comes to creating our lives, return to the thought that we are the universe - pure awareness - having a human experience.

You are not an atom in the universe: you are the entire universe in an atom.

Read this with every atom of your being: we are made of the very same energy that creates.

Back to earth

  1. Focus on what you want. Constantly.
  2. If your intention behind that desire is pure, watch it unfold in front of you.

Happy visualizing!

If you enjoyed this essay, I'm sure you will love the challenge – I'm putting much love into it, and I believe that visualizing collectively magnifies the potency.

Are we liking the more esoteric issues? Hit reply and let me know, I always love reading your feedback.

Stay curious,

🐇 maia


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