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Purpose > expectations: New Year's Resolutions suck – do this instead.

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Let's be real honest for a second: new year's resolutions suck. We've all been around long enough to know that setting high expectations is a recipe for high disappointment, and that external motivation is unreliable.

So – what to do in this precious time of the year instead?

Today we're diving into purpose: how to uncover your honest intentions for this year, and how to turn them into actions.

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Happy New Year! Instead of setting goals and expectations this year, I have a suggestion for you.

Reflect, reset and visualize: sit down for an hour with your journal and pen (or favorite notetaking app) and answer these questions.

Nope! after doing so you won't have a long list of goals broken into small milestones, or a detailed roadmap for your project. Instead, you will end the practice with a sense of purpose.

Time-Bending Portals and how to open them is a workbook from Colectiva Magazine (my publication about self-knowledge). This PDF is full of journaling prompts to fire introspection and self-reflection during this time of the year.

The workbook has two parts: reflection of 2022, and visualization of 2023. On the reflection part you'll be able to zoom out and observe, simply observe what happened last year to leave 2022 behind with gratitude. By doing so, we can enter 2023 with a sense of "reset" and mental spaciousness.

The visualization part is dedicated to answer the following question: what does it mean to live life on your terms? Through a series of visualization exercises, you will get a glimpse of your honest desires and have the chance to check-in with yourself and understand if what you're doing is aligned with those desires.

As I always say, if there's a vision, there's a path towards it.

Time-Bending Portals and how to open them

A workbook to deepen self-reflection to enter the new year with a deep sense of purpose.

Download the workbook (free)

I hope you enjoy having a moment with yourself and going through the workbook, it was designed with so much love since it's a ritual I love doing yearly – sharing this with you is very special.

Happy New Years for you, may you open portals that take you to the wildest of your dreams.

I'll send a personal issue soon(ish)  – excited to share some lessons from '22, and some of my intentions for '23 over here.

'23 is going to be a different year; this year I'm not setting goals, I'm setting intentions.

More on that on the next issue,

For now, snack on the workbook.

Stay curious,



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