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Self-Updating > Old you: are you running at an outdated version of yourself?

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Ask yourself: If I didn't feel any type of guilt, what would I let go off?

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Hola amigos, for the past week I've been walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, an ancient pilgrimage route through rural Spain. As I felt when I did the Annapurna circuit earlier this year in Nepal, nothing energises me more than waking up every day and having only one task: walk to the next village.

And finish my branding projects when I arrive and find wifi, obviously.

Yesterday we walked a very special section of the trek. We had to pick a rock, and walk for a few kms carrying it. This weight was meant to symbolise our burdens. After a few hours we arrived at the Cruz de Fierro, were people leave their rocks as a metaphor for letting go those burdens.

I had some beautiful and not so beautiful conversations with myself while I was carrying my big ass rock.

System Update Reminder

A backpack full of old rocks.

Are you carrying a heavier backpack just because you haven't thrown out all the junk you've accumulated through the years?

I realised this week that most of the "burdens" I carry are outdated.

As if I haven't downloaded the latest Self OS and I'm running on an older version full of bugs and glitches.

Simplifying is not in the default system preferences.

I bet it's the same with you, that most of the extra weight you carry doesn't even belong to the most updated version of you.

That present you is still carrying some of old you's expectations.

That sometimes putting down that rock is the burden itself.

Yesterday I felt it: letting go is an act of resistance too.

Old rocks

Repeat this exercise mentally. Pick your rock. What extra rocks do you have in your life, and why are you still carrying them?

Which ones actually belong to present you?

See if you're carrying extra weight that you mentally left behind a long time ago, but emotionally you still cling on to.

And repeat to yourself: I am a product of what I used to be, but that doesn't define who I am now. And that itself, is full of possibility.

This issue was powered by this playlist I made on the train from Pushkar to Jodhpur, in Rajasthan.

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