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What do you do, and how can I help you?

Only a minute

This word feels very alive right now: vision. What does it mean to meander through this life with visionary skin?

The purpose of this issue is for you to find that answer within you.

About Blank started as a portal for experiments, chronicles, fuckups and conclusions on making life a playground.

Right now a:/b wants to be a space where visionaries come together to explore what it means to do life differently, in favour of a culture where work is play.

One question for you

The more I know about you, the more this becomes a collaborative community.

So, question for you:

What is standing in between your present life, and the life you want to be living?

After your email reply, two things will happen:

I will reply to your email with resources and specific suggestions.

Seriously, I always reply.

This will help me write relevant articles and issues on cultivating a freedom-based vision, plus the tools and community to re-alight with it.

Something very exciting is cooking up.
Your collaboration is what fuels me.

Stay curious


⚐ This issue was powered by a beautiful idea that is slowly making its way here.

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Thank you for reading!


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