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Why > How: know your purpose and the rest will follow.

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You're reading off-grid journal, a series of more mundane, raw and (too) personal insights about scaling my design studio purposefully and traveling the world in the process.

Hola amigos ☺︎ last week I had a dramatic goodbye with Asia and a long and very caffeinated transit through Bangkok>Mumbai>Oman>Istambul>Italy. Filled pages and pages mid-air reflecting on how those eight months traveling Asia shaped my whole life, but in relevancy to this newsletter, how they shaped my studio's vision.

Slowing down in a word of x2 podcasts, 0.5 voicenotes, and 15 second tiktoks. Savouring the human experience versus catching a glimpse of it every now and then in between screens and notifications. Truly immersing, letting it flow through me whatever way it wants to manifest within. All these treasured solo moments – introspection is clarity's best friend. Simplification and essentialism are two good words to sum up the experience and not make this issue into a memoir.

Passion can only be fueled by purpose

Last week's issue was around the word vision. I have a feeling this is going to be a main theme on this newsletter.

Let's zoom out even further. We covered how your project's vision should be aligned with your life vision. Now let's ask: Why?

☺︎It only gets trippier from here: what is your why?

If you want to start living in alignment with your purpose then knowing where to go is far, far faaaaaaar more important that how to get there.

Most of us are so stuck in the how without even asking ourselves why are we going into that direction. Without wondering who is drawing the arrows in our own treasure map.

We need to understand that we are the designers of our lives, not just the protagonists.

Suck on this: it is possible to live a life infused with purpose. It is possible to live in alignment and not feel like every day is a postponement for a future reality where you will finally attain the best version of your Self.

That best version of yourself is waiting for you to realize that everything you want is within you. Now.

The why rabbit hole:

I love this exercise to understand the plot behind a desire or feeling. Write down, or think about something you want, and ask "why" until you get an answer that reveals a truth. You will intuitively know when to stop.

I want to be a millionaire
Because I want to buy a house by the beach
Because I want to live close to nature
Because I don't want to live in a city
Because I want to be relaxed
Because I want a calm life

Ok, so how does living in a big city and working like a dog (re: I want to be a millionaire) relates to living a calm life? Have you ever considered that if you focus your energy into the thought of living (and manifesting) a zen life by nature, instead of focusing on being a millionaire first, you will arrive at the same place anyways?

Ask yourself after doing this exercise with a few "truisms" of your life, are you connecting with the how (Actions) or are you connecting with the why (purpose?).

Of course if you're an ambitious person you need a system to get to your goals, that is the how of your life, but the focus of this issue is to serve as a digital face slap to spark the inner dialogue that will allow you to see the big picture and understand if that system is getting you closer, or further away from your goals.

Simplification and essentialism; ask yourself why. Dare to inquire and introspect and you will find answers that will allow you to draw your own treasure map.

Here's an incredible quote in relevancy with this article that will change your perception on productivity and ambition.

When you live in alignment with your why, every day you're fulfilling your dream.

Know the why and the rest will follow, if you're walking on the right direction the pace doesn't matter, but you have to find that right path first.

This week one of my favorite bloggers shared a post about how he applied the vision statement exercise that I shared on last week's issue.

Bill (writer of Space Beyond Boundaries) is another proof that the power of the mind is the strongest of all forces, because the power of the mind IS the power of the universe.

And funny enough his manifestation was a manifestation of my vision: connect and help curious beings that want to live in accordance to their definition of freedom.

This issue was powered by this ten hour playlist I made throughout my travels in India (and lots of Asia nostalgia).

✨ Thank you for reading! See ya next Issue!

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